Firstly I would like to tell you guys what I feel a beauty souk should mean.. to be fair that’s how 3 out of the 5 interviews I had at the event asked me.  Mr Lanre of DiamondbankTV please catch your sub here 😛

I know a souk to be a market place that would have a range of spices, artwork and a variety of creative works. Beauty- you know what that means already but The Beauty Souk Nigeria I feel is a very apt and innovative name. Nigeria is one of the BIGGEST growing beauty communities in the world we are definitely almost on PAR with the Americans and Europeans, YES I SAID IT.

We have a mix of everything, the Big brands, the Cult brands, the fakes and the upcoming brands.

I personally LOVED the BeautySoukNg. It wasn’t great in terms of sales but as Yewande Zaccheus said to me it is a place to make good beauty business connections and I definitely did that. There were so many different brands , I made some purchases myself. I got some ideas on new products to produce, I watched live makeup shows and everything was just great

I was happy to meet a lot of the Taos Lovers, I’m always happy to meet you guys and always use any opportunity I can just to say THANK YOU.

I met KELECHI AMADI OBI!!! OMG I’m one of his biggest fans. I have kuku told him that I must do my own shoot oh. He was doing live and short beauty shoots of random people he picked from the crowd. He actually approached me from behind and said “Beautiful girl , do you want to shoot?” … I responded.. “Do you know you’re my idol”… he started laughing. I said it so many times that day and also want to say it again.. Thank you for all your amazing work Sir Kelechi Amadi Obi… I’ve followed you since 2013 and would continue to support you.. still cant wait for my own shoot.


Thank you EVENTFUL for hosting another beautiful event. Thank you to all the WIMBIZ ladies that supported, its lovely to see older ladies rooting for us younger ones.

Special thank you to Mrs Bola Adesola , MD Standard Chartered Bank for stopping by our stand and your words of encouragement. God bless you ma.

I will blog a lot of my personal experiences more as I want to get more personal with the blog. I always say it but mean it this time.

Thank you for your time.

Loads of Love.


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