Hey Taos Babes.

If you’ve ever dropped a compact makeup be it powder, blush, highlight or any other form of  powdered makeup you’ll know that if often smashed into a huge mess – large chunks if you’re lucky sometimes tiny chunks and just powder all over. Smashed powder products are easy to fix so that they’re useable once more; but I would strongly advise you replicate this process if only the lid was on for sanitary reasons.

Step 1: properly pack back the products into the pan, you can smash them more so it would be easier to achieve a smooth consistency

step2: pour alcohol; e.g methylated spirit and maneuver the product to achieve a smooth consistency, careful to avoid the product turning watery

step 3: clean up the mess around the pan made from mixing

step 4: allow to dry properly 2-3 days

Viola!!! you have your favorite product back

video by Themakeupmind


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