2016 was a fabulous year in the  beauty world, a year of blinding unicorn highlight to heart stabbing winged liner But what does 2017 have in store, I’m feeling some sort of 90’s vibe maybe, let’s get down to the juicy part

Skincare/ makeup detox:  A good skincare routine is very important right now, having a flawless skin gives you a flawless makeup look. Our skin type determines how great the makeup comes out. Swapping your full face glam to going bared faces with sunscreen for some days. This would help you get to know your skin better and give your face a break. Everyone is embracing some new sort of skincare routine, from DIY to off the rack products.

Glossy lids and lips:  We saw a lot of these on models during fashion week and a few celebrities like Kylie Jenner rocking the glossy lids makeup look. Some brands like mac already have lid glosses and lacquers available. Alternatively you can create this look by using gel liners, pigments and a regular gloss and you’re good to go. We’ should also expect a move back to shinier, glossier lips.  Matte lips will still be in by the way, but with each passing day more and more brands are releasing glosses so let’s gear up for some shine and shimmer.

Glitters:  Who ever gets tired of Glitters? NO ONE !!  The glitter trend is still on stonger than ever. Glitters give that extra sparkle and fun to your glam. Expecting to see a lot of glitters on the lids, liners and lips this year.

Metallic lipsticks:  We noticed this trend late last year and we totally love it. With Taos cosmetics releasing an array of metallic lippies in their Christmas limited edition , a lot of people have been able to keep up with the trend.

Colorful eyeliners:  This year we’re going beyond the conventional Black or Brown eyeliner to complete our makeup looks. Seen a lot of makeup artists incorporating colorful eyeliners to their looks and we are loving them.

That would be all for now Taos babes, what trends are you feeling up for now? For me without a doubt is the Metallic lipsticks!

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